Ceremony of the Institution of Reader

On July 31, 2023, in the context of Evening Prayer, the Friars of St. Joseph of Cupertino Friary and St. Maximilian Kolbe Friary gathered for the ceremony of the Institution of Reader for Friar Vu. Friar Vu is currently spending a few months in the Province before heading back to Vietnam to resume his theological studies. He is one of four Friars in Vietnam who chose to remain part of the Province at the time of the creation of the new custody of St. Francis Anthony Fasani.

Father Victor, Minister Provincial, began the Rite of Institution with a brief homily in which he explained the significance of the ministry of reader.

Friar Vu preparing to accept the ministry of reader.


Father Victor blessing Friar Vu in this new ministry.


Father Victor presenting to Friar Vu the Book of the Gospels.


Father Victor offering the sign of peace to Friar Vu.


The Friars along with Friar Vu.