Upcoming Ordinations and Professions in Vietnam

Announcing the candidates and dates for the upcoming ordinations to the diaconate and the priesthood in our Franciscan Vietnam Mission!

Ordination to the Sacred Order of Deacons Cadidates: 

Fra Joseph Pio Trần Văn Dương

Fra Joseph Maria Trần Văn Long

Fra Peter Julien Eymard Hoàng Thành Đông


 Ordination to the Holy Order of Priestly Religious 

Deacon Peter Vũ Bình Quốc

Deacon Paul Ralf Lê Đức Chánh.

on Friday, 25 August, 2017, nine o’clock in the morning, at the presentation of Son Loc parish.


Announcing the dates for the upcoming Profession of Vows in our Franciscan Vietnam Mission!

First Profession of Vows:

Br. Jerom Vũ Thái Học

Br. Joseph  Đoàn Minh Vũ

Br. JosephPhạm Lê Viết Hoàng

Br. John Baptist  Trần Văn Hướng


Solemn Profession of Vows:

Fra Dominic Nguyễn Văn Tiến

Fra. Joseph Trần Văn Cương

Fra. Michael Nguyễn Khải Hoàng

Fra. Joseph Nguyễn Văn Nhàn

On Tuesday, 22 August, 2017,  Nine o’clock in the morning, at the presentation of Nguyen Duy Khang parish.


Congratulations to these Friars, the Formation Team in our Franciscan Vietnam Mission, and to the Entire Church! What a blessing! Please keep these Friars, and our entire Franciscan Vietnam Mission in your prayers!

Note: The photograph is from the Deaconate Ordination of Friar Paul Paul Ralf Lê Đức Chánh, at our Conventual Franciscan Parish St. Paul’s Church in San Pablo, CA., by Most Reverend Bishop Michael C. Barber S.J., of Oakland, on February 1, 2017.