Construction begins on new Postulancy house in Cu Chi

Last year, the Franciscan Friars of the Vietnam Mission had a bit of a vocation crisis.  They favorably received 26 applications of qualified young Catholic men who wanted to become Conventual Franciscan Friars for the service to the People of God.  However, due to a lack of space at the Annunciation Friary in Cu Chi, which houses Postulants to the Order, only 10 men were able to be accepted.  In order to remedy the situation, the Friars, through the generosity of our supporters, purchased a property adjacent to the Annunciation Friary, and through a generous grant from the Viva Francis Foundation, began construction of a new Postulancy house.

Though dependent upon obtaining further funding, construction of the completed project (pictured below), is expected by February of 2019.