A New Evangelization Era at Our Lady of Guadalupe

There is a divine movement happening at Our Lady of Guadalupe in Hermosa Beach and it will positively impact the faith of individuals and families in the OLG community and all aspects of parish life!

For many years OLG has had to work hard on building the physical structure of their church and school: the renovation of the main church (2008) and the new extension of a STEM Lab, Fine Arts/Multi-Purpose Room, and office/meeting space (2022).  Now that the physical buildings are complete, OLG is very excited to focus all efforts and energy on beginning a New Evangelization Era at Our Lady of Guadalupe – following Jesus’ commission to go proclaim the Gospel and go make disciples.

Much like Saint Francis and Juan Diego, who after having built physical churches were called to build the church spiritually.  OLG’s culture and parish ministries will be intentionally focused on building the church spiritually as how St. Francis and St. Juan Diego were called to do.

“This effort is big, it is a new era for our church, it is really the beginning of what I was hoping to start here at OLG when I came here 4 years ago. I thank God that he has anointed us with His Spirit to set our hearts on fire to evangelize and bring more people to Christ.” – Father Paul Gawlowski OFM CONV.

“I personally believe in an opportunity to get closer to God. It is a time to know the will of God in the lives of people and of course find a place to serve the Church and others.” Fr. Carlos Morales OFM CONV.

Starting a New Era of Transformation

For two years, Fr. Paul, Fr. Carlos, School Principal April Beuder, and a team of leaders from the OLG Parish worked on the Evangelization vision and a Discipleship Pathway plan for the OLG community under the accompaniment of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ Office of New Evangelization and Parish Life.

On October 5, Fr. Paul, Fr. Carlos, and the Evangelization team held an OLG Discipleship Pathway Summit to explain the evangelization vision and  OLG Pathway to Discipleship.  There was a  dynamic presentation and discussion/dialogue of the plan to continue to build our parish by making more disciples. This plan will affect all areas of the parish (church and school), including all the ministries. For this reason, all ministries leaders, volunteers, and active parishioners were invited to attend to hear about the efforts and have an opportunity to discern a more active role to help build our parish over the coming year and beyond! OLG realizes it needs everyone’s help to share in the mission of Jesus to make disciples and pass on all he taught us.

OLG’s Vision and Pathway to Discipleship

This new evangelization era at OLG called Centered In The Spirit, invites all to take part in a journey together – A Pathway to Discipleship.

The vision :

Called by God, filled with the Holy Spirit, welcoming all to Discover, Follow and Share Jesus Christ.
The OLG Discipleship Pathway is intended to accompany individuals on their faith journey and form disciples of Jesus. The pathway includes 3 steps called: DISCOVER, FOLLOW, and SHARE.

The first step on the OLG Pathway, called Discover is for all those desiring fulfillment and purpose in life and for anyone curious about encountering Jesus in a life-changing way.

The second step on the OLG Pathway, called Follow is for everyone seeking to place Jesus at the center of their life and longing for a deeper relationship with Jesus.

The third step on the OLG Pathway called Share and is for everyone wanting to join the mission of the church and learn how to be a missionary disciple of Jesus and spread the Good News.


The OLG community is united in this prayer of evangelization, offering it up to our Lord as they journey together on this discipleship pathway to discover, follow, and share Jesus Christ.

ALL:  Heavenly Father,
We Praise You and Thank You,
Because You so loved the world,
that you sent your Only Begotten Son to save us.
Lord Jesus Christ, you called disciples to follow you, and
formed them to share in Your ministry of Salvation.
Form us as your disciples to invite others to Discover You,
to Follow You and to Share in Your Mission of Proclaiming the Gospel.
Holy Spirit, we Praise You.

Come into our hearts to renew us and guide us.
Be with our parish leaders, staff, clergy, and every member of our parish
who is called to bring others to Christ.
Inspire us to reach out to our family members, neighbors, co-workers,
classmates, and friends still searching to encounter
the Love of God in a life changing way.
We pray for them all right now Lord, that they come to know You.
(Pause briefly here in silent prayer.)
LEADER:   Our Lady of Guadalupe:
ALL:   Pray for us
LEADER:  Mother of the Church and our patroness,
ALL:   Pray for us
LEADER:  Direct our ministry to be more fruitful,
and lead more souls to Christ your Son.