Inter-Novitiate Conference On The Rule Of Saint Francis

This year is the 800th Anniversary of the Rule of Saint Francis (1223 – November 29 – 2023), which the novices will profess at the end of their novitiate year.
From January 9-12, 2023, Friar Bill Short, OFM, one of the authors of the Saint Francis of Assisi Trilogy, gave a conference on the Rule of 1221 (Regula non bullata) and the Rule of 1223 (Regula bullata) and their histories and developments.

Friar Bill Short, OFM

Friar Bill portraying to the class on how one makes obedience to someone’s Lord (leader). Just like how Saint Francis of Assisi vowed an obedience to the Pope and his successors, while seeking approval on his way of life (forma vitae).


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