Vocation Promotion Activities On The Feast Of The Good Shepherd

On Sunday, April 30, 2023, the feast of the Good Shepherd, most of the dioceses in Vietnam hold a festival to promote vocations at the pastoral center of the diocese. Here, seminaries and religious congregations are invited to participate to promote their vocation to the young people of the parishes in the diocese that are being gathered.

This year, the Custody Saint Francis Anthony Fasani in Viet Nam has participated in promoting vocations in 4 dioceses and one parish. Father Michael Nguyễn (Khải Hoàng), Custodial Vocation Director, participated in Thai Binh diocese, where about 2.000 young people gathered. Father Dominic Nguyễn (Công Hoài) participated in Phu Cuong diocese with 2.000 young people. Brother Joseph Lê (Văn Vượng) participated in Vinh diocese with about 2.500 young people participating. Brother Joseph Nguyen Duc Huynh and Dominic Dinh Cong Chuong participated in Bui Chu diocese, where about 2,000 young people participated. In particular, Father Peter Nguyen Ngoc Duy and the novices organized at Christ the King Parish of Buon Ma Thuot diocese in which Father Peter Duy is ministering as Associate Pastor and attracting about 80 young people participated.

In the organized pastoral centers, each participating unit is assigned a booth. These booths are decorated with posters introducing the congregations. The seminaries and religious brothers and sisters will be present at their booths to welcome young people to find out information, either through face-to-face consultation or through brochures containing information about the congregation. Besides, they can also organize activities such as singing hymns or dancing for the young people to come join them.

Most of the young people are high school students. So, organizing vocation promotion is a long-term preparation for them. Therefore, the Custody will have its own activities to promote vocations to college students and working people through various communication and interaction channels.

Written byFriar Joseph NGUYỄN (Chính Luận), Custodial Secretary

Enjoy this photo slide show with pictures from the event, click the arrow to scroll to each picture