The Pilgrimage of Rome-Assisi

From February 27 to March 17, 2024, three friars from the Franciscan Vietnam Mission joined a program called “The Pilgrimage of Rome-Assisi”. The friars are Dominic Nguyen Van Tien, John Baptist Nguyen Ngoc Dien, and Peter Nguyen Ngoc Duy. Assisi is the hometown of Saint Francis, and the program is designed to follow in the footsteps of the Saint.

The friars were accompanied by Friar Lasky, who acted as their tour guide, along with a friar from the Province of Saint Cupertino, a friar from the Province of Korea, a friar from the Province of Kazakhstan, and six friars from the Province of Indonesia.

During the pilgrimage, the friars experienced God’s blessings for each person, and they were convinced to strengthen the faith of others and create a new world where people are closely connected in universal brotherhood.