Br. Bob Ouellette, OFM Conv. R.I.P.

Brother Bob spent his early days in the Conventual Franciscan community working in the print/media
ministry. He taught English and Religion at Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance, CA from 1975 to
1988. Bob moved to San Pablo, CA, and was much involved with the CCD program in Saint Paul Parish.
Brother Bob then assisted the Provincial in the Provincial Office and, subsequently, went to Portland, Oregon,
as the Executive Assistant to then-Archbishop Levada. He worked as a tour guide at the Basilica of Saint
Francis of Assisi in Assisi, Italy, before returning to help at the National Shrine of Saint Francis of Assisi in San
Francisco. For the last ten years Brother Bob was the Pastoral Associate of Saint Paul the Apostle Parish in
Pismo Beach. Throughout nearly forty years he was very active as a Knight of Columbus.
May Brother Robert rest in the love and peace of our loving God—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.