A Note from our Postulant Mr. Wayne Mulei

I love being with the Franciscans. All is still going well here in postulancy. My whole class recently returned to Chicago after going back home for Christmas. Though it was nice being visiting my Dad and little brother, I am happy to be back to continue postulancy. Someone asked me if I want to go back to Chicago, I told them that the weather is a bit cold during the winter, but I really want to be a friar, and in Chicago is where that happens.

I love being able to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in ministering to the poor. Jesus told us that “Whatever you did to the least of my brothers, you did to me”. We often pray that the Lord help us see Him in the people we meet at our ministries. Having that kind of viewpoint really makes volunteering at the soup kitchens and senior centers a profound privilege. Also it’s a lot of fun volunteering at the soup kitchens. Often times we are asked to cook, I don’t want to brag, but our meatballs taste pretty darn good. So too, being able to go and spend time with the residents at St. Josephs home for the elderly, is something that we all look forward to each week.

Thank you for your prayers!

Peace and all good things,