Christmas 2019 Revisited

Our Friars in the Vietnam Delegation were blessed with the visitation of Father Victor Abegg, OFM.Conv. Our Minister Provincial had the opportunity to spend most of the month with ours Friars and students. He was able to participate in their daily life, share in their ministries and celebrate significant events in their lives.

Up in the north of Vietnam, Friar Victor visited our St. Andrew Dung Lac and Companion Martyrs Friary at Van Mon, and met some of our Aspirants. These are men that with the Grace of God, will become Postulants to the Order, and eventually professed Friars.

There are three Friaries in the Provincial Delegation. The Delegation consists of 24 Friars. During his visit, the Minister Provincial visited all the Friaries in the Vietnam Delegation and spoke with all friars.