Congratulations Friar Joseph Nguyễn Chính Luận

On August 6, 2022, Friar Joseph Nguyễn Chính Luận graduated from the Master of Public Policy (MPP) of Fulbright University in Vietnam (FUV).

The MPP program is sponsored by the Department State of the United States of America. The school expressed the purpose of the MPP as following: "Built upon the heritage of Fulbright Economics Teaching Program, an initiative by Vietnam Program, Harvard University, Master in Public Policy by FUV is designed to provide high-quality manpower for policy-making institutions and governmental bodies, NGOs, NPOs, private enterprises, research universities and institutions."

Friar Joseph was chosen to study the MPP in order create healthcare ministries for the disabled, the poor and the elderly in the areas where our Friaries are located in Vietnam.