Rejoice In The Lord Always

The desert and the parched land will exult;
the steppe will rejoice and bloom.
They will bloom with abundant flowers,
and rejoice with joyful song. Isaiah 35:1-6a, 10

Jesus Christ is the source of JOY. Without Christ, your heart can become like a dry and parched desert. But when you allow him to enter your heart, this desert is transformed into a fruitful field.

The third Sunday of Advent, known as Gaudete Sunday, is meant to remind us of the joy that the world experienced at the birth of Jesus and the joy that the faithful have reached the midpoint of Advent. The term Gaudete refers to the word, “Rejoice.” It is derived from the Latin opening words of the Entrance antiphon, “Rejoice (Gaudete) in the Lord always.” The advent theme on Sunday and the entire 3rd week expresses our JOY that Christmas is near, and we also light the rose-colored candle on our Advent wreath.

In his writings, Francis consistently counseled both patience and joy. On this Third Sunday of Advent, Gaudete (“Rejoice”) Sunday, we might reflect on how these two things work together.

We can never tell how patient or humble a person is when everything is going well with him. But when those who should cooperate with him do the exact opposite, then we can tell. A man has as much patience and humility as he has then, and no more. Let the brothers beware lest they show themselves outwardly gloomy and sad hypocrites; but let them show themselves joyful in the Lord, cheerful and suitably gracious (Source: